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Company history

Hokkaido was created with a pioneer spirit.

Itogumi was founded by Kametaro Ito in 1893 (Meiji 26), when he shifted from Niigata to Hokkaido. Sapporo was a new opportunity for Itogumi because of the construction of a new road system. Sapporo had a major fire the previous year and many houses and people had disappeared with only 27,000 people remaining. New industry and construction was needed and hoped for...

Sapporo was massaged by a wave of intense hurried social conditions and a fluctuating economy due to the Sino-Japanese War in 1894, but the loud sound of hammers and construction resounded throughout Sapporo.
Itogumi commenced in the dawn of a new land when an integrated construction industry was exactly what was needed.

Dr. John bachelor residence
Dr. John bachelor residence

When Itogumi began, the founder was only 31 years old. He first constructed The “Dr. John bachelor residence” in 1898. Ito was an honest tradesman with an eye for detail. He had previously constructed the Hakodate ward office, the Asahikawa Kaikosya, and the Sapporo post office; here the foundations of the Itogumi group began.
The next generation of Itogumi was run by Toyoji Ito.

He took control in 1923 during a period when Itogumi establishment had succeeded through the tempestuous period of post time war.
Itogumi continued to grow and survive the prewar days with a rich leadership ability. The next generation of leadership changed again in 1956 to Yoshiro, the present Honorary Chairman.

Asahikawa Kaikosya
Asahikawa Kaikosya

Predecessors of Itogumi always came to Hokkaido with low expectations, placing little value or worth to the pioneer spirit.
Since the conception of Itogumi a "Sense of responsibility attention" and "With heartfelt sincerity" had been revered throughout the company. These two beliefs became the backbone of Itogumi while also becoming the company's operating philosophy , and this belief has been continued by every employee.

Hokkaido is the earth, connected with the world into the future. Hereafter, Itogumi wants to create a rich social climate in the 21st century. Itogumi is proud of its rich history and the development of Hokkaido while never forgetting the pioneer spirit of establishment.

Completion of framework of the third Sapporo station
Completion of framework of the third Sapporo station

[Kametaro] Ito (1863-1944)

Kametaro Ito worked on a lot of construction in the founding years of Itogumi, the Meiji era, when the structure of Itogumi was built. Some of the wonderful construction included the old Sapporo Station, the old Sapporo post office, and the independent church of Sapporo, and the Clar commemoration church.
He became a union president when the Sapporo engineering construction industry union was established in 1916. This union worked with the Hokkaido construction industry, playing a major role and being remembered as the real parent of the construction industry in Hokkaido.

伊藤 亀太郎

[Toyoji] Ito (1893-1962)

He succeeded to the business at the age of 30 in 1923. He successively held the position of president of the Sapporo chamber of commerce and industry, the president of the Hokkaido chamber of commerce and industry federation, and served as the chairman of the Hokkaido construction industry society for another 24 years.

伊藤 豊次