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Greeting from the Honorary Chairman and President

Yoshiro Ito, Director and Honorary Chairman

We wish to express our gratitude deeply for support for customer and related all of you's many years. Because of their support, we have survived our first corporate century by operating in the Meiji era, the Taishou era, the Showa era, the Heisei era, and a continuing kaleidoscopic age after our establishment in 1893. Our company has done the business based on Hokkaido the other day.

It came as a mission useful for the society as the creed of the company's operating philosophy of "Sense of responsibility attention" and "With heartfelt sincerity" consistently. In addition, to answer not only the Hokkaido region but also demand in a wider area, the Kanto region, the Tohoku region, and the business were expanded. Moreover, it challenges foreign operations for 20 years from 1985 based on Portland City in the United States, and it has tried to accomplish the social responsibility from a global viewpoint.

It is power of the tradition that cultivates the advancement in technology with a sense of pride in doing it right, while instilling this belief in the next generation. We had ideals when starting the company to always pursue the creation of a rich social climate in the 21st century. We shall always remember the frontier spirit of predecessors who succeeded over the past 100 years though their desire to win, and to answer the expectation as an accountable integrated construction industry.

I ask for everyone’s guidance and encouragement.

Greeting from the honorary chairman

Katsumi Tamaki, President and Representative Director

Itogumi construction contributed to the society and came to the business infrastructure of Kanto and Tohoku to say nothing of in Hokkaido for 120 years or more after the establishment in 1893 through the construction industry.

In addition, the diversification and the upgrade are requested in not only a mere one-making but also the global environment and relations with the life as for the construction industry in recent years. It is safe, comfortable, and the work of the high quality offered to the world through the proposal to agree with needs of the society.

In such and the Itogumi construction assume the compliance valuing, the study of the technology, and the contribution to society to be a basic stance of the active conduct of business, and come continuing a constant effort as an enterprise that can correspond to the passing of an era.

It works on the active conduct of business by sincere posture as the enterprise that creates the new social climate succeeded to the next generation without always challenging based on "Sense of responsibility attention" and "with heartfelt sincerity" of the company's operating philosophy , and being contented with the history and the tradition that the guide has built up.

Company's principles

We wish all our employee's peace and happiness. We believe that when we always do our best work, that we contribute to the world, and society through the development of the company's business.

Company's operating philosophy

[Sense of responsibility attention]

Each duty within the company carries a large responsibility and sence of creativity that should not be taken lightly... We should not depend on others to complete our responsibilities, rather we should use our creativity and courage to always do the best we can to complete the task.

[With heartfelt sincerity]

There is no need for untruths or exaggerations, but rather we should base our life on honesty and doing our best, these things are the foundation of duty and accomplishment. We should always be studying, as it raises one's cultural level, and the trust of each other is deepened by a rich mind. It is necessary for us all to do one's best no matter what the situation.